Warnings about potential health dangers from WI-Fi.WiMax have been raised in the European Parliament, European Council German Federal Government, and the public health department of Salzburg, Austria.


WiFi Routers: WiFi routers provide 24/7 continual wireless radiation even when no computer is on the network. If wired alternatives are not possible keep the router at a considerable distance, e.g., 5-10 meters and turn it off when not is use. (Radiation levels can exceed that of cell phone tower antenna by having it on your desk beside your computer!)  Alternatives include finding a router that allows for scheduling capability as well as reduced power level, which can provide a significant reduction of radiation.

WiFi Enabled Laptops: Most laptops today come with built-in WiFi. Some models are on 24/7 even when you don’t use it; others are on when you use it, or once per minute when you’re not using it (HP laptop).  Note that even if you’re connected by an Ethernet cable, your computer may still be transmitting WiFi. It needs to be disabled.  If no other options are available, distance can be achieved with a USB WiFi adapter on a long 10′ USB extension cord while disabling the built-in WiFi on your laptop since it is much closer to you.

Also consider using laptop trays particularly if using on your lap. These trays are fitted with special screening materials which lower both the higher frequency microwave radiation as well as the lower power-frequency electric fields.

Recommended Alternatives:

A wired alternative using Ethernet cables can be used in place of a wireless router to connect your computer.  Use a wired cable/DSL router combination.  Be aware however, that intermediate radio-frequencies and electric fields can be injected from a wired router or switch onto Ethernet cables.  This can be verified with a suitable meter.  If there are pulsing intermediate frequencies or especially strong radio-frequencies from a particular wired router or switch, try use a router with fewer ports or try a different vendor/model. Body voltage, if detected, can be reduced via a grounding cord connected to the metal Ethernet jack. As always,  the intermediate frequencies can be reduced with distance from the device and Ethernet cables.



While the internet can be supplied by fibre-optics and wired cable to the home or workplace, e.g., through the telephone lines using DSL technology, there is the trend to use a complete wireless solution, such as WiMax, which is the equivalent of a wireless router for a whole town or city.  The radiation from WiMax permeates large areas to provide a reliable service.  WiMax, like other mircowave radiation sources and can be reduced by shielding and other preventative measures.  With this technology, the individual user must use a WiMax hub to receive and transmit to the internet.  This hub should be treated (respected?) much like the standard wireless router.


WiFi enabled devices

Printers, projectors, etc. with WiFi capability: many of these radiate continuously 24/7 as soon as they are plugged in.

iPod Touch, iPad, Mobile WiFi, etc.: Look for software options to disable WiFi. There may be occasional bursts of radiation even in standby mode, i.e., when the device is not used, as long as WiFi is enbaled.

Recommendations: Use a wired printer or physically remove the WiFi module from the WiFi prointer or projector if the software option to turn off the 24/7 radiation does not exist for the particular device.

“The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation” – Dr. Derva Davis