I contacted Karl to arrange to survey EMF emissions from  a pylon near a property I was thinking of buying. His tests, which confirmed  EMF background radiation was within acceptable limits, were critical in helping me to decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase. 10 years ago I probably would not have even factored EMF issues into my decision making process so I was pleased to have found Karl and avail of his services. It was a pleasure to deal with him and I would recommend using his services if you have any concerns about EMF and related issues.

Colin – Dublin – November 2017 

I had an issue with a temporary let and contacted Dr. Moore for help. Being a temporary situation, I did not utilize his full survey services, but he was extremely helpful in determining various methods by which I could reduce my EMF exposure. He clearly understands the issues that people face with EMF exposure and is very knowledgeable on both the causes and solutions for such situations…I was extremely pleased with the amount of time and care he took (in answering my questions), and will definitely use him in the future if I have issues at my next place. Many thanks to Dr. Moore for making this unpleasant living situation much better!

Grant Montgomery – Dublin (6/2017)

After going Sale Agreed on a house situated in close proximity to a 38kv electrical step down substation, I went about seeking someone out to conduct an EMF survey. I contacted EMF Safe Space to explain my concerns after reading about the potential harm EMFs can cause online. Dr. Moore agreed to carry out the survey and was very flexible in terms of his availability. During the survey itself, Dr. Moore was professional and informative. Thankfully, the survey results were all in order and my fears were quelled. I highly recommend EMF Safe Space to anyone in a similar situation for peace of mind.

Doug – Wicklow (6/2016)

Excellent service, professional and informative.  I was concerned about the EMF exposure of a house I was interested in buying and contacted EMF Safe Space for a survey.  Dr. Moore was able to quickly determine what the EMF levels were and identify if there were any potential problems. (A slighlty raised magnetic field was found thoughout the premises.) Luckily, these levels were low enough or at least borderline with some of the stricter precautionary levels. The house was given the okay and my concerns were put to rest. I highly recommend this service.

Owen – Dublin (8/2016)

We were concerned about the proximity of our sale agreed property to some pylons, our report from Dr Moore very clearly outlined that the property is within a safe distance. We were delighted that we could put this worry out of our minds and move forward with the house reassured.

Catherine – Dunboyne Castle, Co, Meath (9/2016)

Thank you, Karl, for your prompt replies and your balanced and impartial advice. It is good to know that there is someone knowledgeable out there who is able and willing to impart intelligent and informed advice on EMF issues in Ireland. This information is so important to know if one wants to protect the family’s health into the future. Thank you for a great service.

Sei  (11/2016)