Mitigation and reduction of ones exposure can be done by becoming knowledgeable about EMFs and the technologies that use them and by adopting certain practices accordingly, e.g., carrying your cell phone away from your body or not using your cell phone in a moving car when in a tunnel etc. It is simple a matter of changing one’s habits.  This strategy is not location dependent and can make a big dint in your exposure level.

However, knowing the EMF environment where you most frequent, i.e., sleeping quarters, home or at work, can add another level of protection if one decides to act on this knowledge. Location specific EMFs, even low levels, can have a damaging effect over time.  It is important to know the type of radiation that you are subjected to where you spend most of your time.  Are the levels too high? Is it pulsed radiation? Are the pulses much stronger than the average power density? Which room is worse, best? What are my sleeping quarters like?

To properly assess of a site for its EMR profile can be complicated undertaking.  It can be a complicated matter involving different frequencies, power outputs, moving sources, and moving obstacles that have different levels of conductivity, transmission and absorption characteristics. On top of this, one individual may react differently to another.  Different frequencies can involve different responses and reactions; every organism has slightly different response thresholds and mechanisms..  Even the shape of the waveform of the EM radiation, i.e., sinusoidal or stepped waveforms, can have a range of different biological effects.

A survey can also indicate whether ones EMF exposure is due to ones own devices and technologies as well as from sources that are more distant but whose effects still affect ones domicile or workplace, i.e., cell phone masts, power transformers, etc.

Electrical fields are generally easier to shield than magnetic fields.  Magnetic fields can be quite pervasive and can take much greater efforts to reduce.  Shielding magnetic fields using special metals such as mu-metal can run about €145 per sq.m.  Usually it is easier and more cost effective to move the individual or the source than to shield magnetic fields.

Types of Surveys

Measurements and surveys can be tailored to suit the individual. This can involve the following:

  • Walk-through survey with EMF meters to determine if there are particularly high levels and to determine any possible hazardous environments.
  • Detailed measurements that involve analysis of EMF intensity levels over time. (Certain technologies and appliances emit more radiation depending on the time of day, such as,daily increases of use of power and/or communications, i.e., around tea time or first thing in the morning).
  • Detailed reports that can include mapping surveys and ways to reduce levels through shielding techniques.

Measurement Capabilities

Microwave ovens,
Mobile phones: GSM & 3G/UMTS, LTE/4G,
Cordless phones (DECT),
Switching power supplies
Energy saving lamps
Electric railroads/trams
Induction cookers, appliances
Electrical and Magnetic Fields
Dirty Electricity
Body voltage