EMFSafeSpace can answer questions about your level of EMF and RF exposure in your home, work, or future building site. Although there remains a lot of discussion about exposure levels and the degree of risk, there are an increasing amount of scientific studies suggesting there are potential risks and health concerns related to EMF and EMR exposure.

I believe in taking a precautionary approach towards this new technology.

I can carry out surveys, tests and make EMF measurements, conduct RF surveys and assess electromagnetic fields. I can then provide you with field reduction methods and/or emf shielding recommendations to create low and safe EMF levels.

In this day and age it is important to take action to ensure a low EMF environment and adherence to an acceptable exposure limit, and to no longer take the EMF environment for granted.

Some of EMFSafeSpace services Include:

EMF Testing
Measurement of the EMF fields in your building to provide data to make informed decisions on the level of human exposure and the condition of the building that may be contributing to the way on which the EMFs might propagates throughout the premises.

RF Testing
An assessment of the RF conditions present based on the rapid proliferation of cell towers and the increased use of wireless technology indoors.

EMF and RF Mitigation
After indentifying problem areas in buildings, action can be taken to assess the appropriate mitigation techniques to reduce the overall EMF exposure to a minimal and acceptable level.

There are many sources of EMFs; from cell phones, computers, WiFi, powerlines, transformers, domestic appliances, lighting, to TVs, monitors, wiring, etc.   A knowledge of their EMF contribution can help one navigate and adopt sensible and effective strategies, good habits really, that can last a life time and go along way to reduce ones exposure over the long term.  It can be as simple as keeping the mobile phone at distance during conversation by using speaker phone.  Usually exposure reduction is best achieved by taking action on a number of fronts, which can involve a mixture of shielding, a change in location, a change in device handling practice, giving up the electric blanket and/or simply moving your favourite chair a half meter to the left…..

  • Know your EMF environment

You may know the types of electronic equipment and appliances in your own home, but what about your neighbour? This particularly important for residents who live in close proximity to their neighbours and facilities that emit EM radiation and produce electrical and magnetic fields. For example, apartments where the next door Apts_BG1neighbour may have a WiFi router, DECT phone, power transformer or breaker box just on the other side of the wall – where you may have placed the pillow of your bed…..

  • Purchase of new property, lease a rental

It can be helpful to know the type of EMF environment that a prospective new property might have before closing an such a big investment. (To check for possible bad wiring, magnetic fields from local transformer station, overhead power lines etc.)  A survey can be useful to determine the EMF exposure when considering the purchase of a property, or leasing a rental space whether that is your own home or workplace.

  • Determine the extent that EMFs might pose a health problem

A survey can confirm or eliminate or indicate the possibility that EMFs in your environment might be a potential hazard, and may be associated with the cause of some chronic ill-effect. Are you unnecessarily exposed to a high EMF level environment?

  • Assess remediation possibilities and efforts

A survey can help determine if their is a problem, the type and extent.  It is also useful in establishing a baseline for assessing what might be involved to reduce EMF levels to an required level. A survey is a also helpful in identifying exposures issues and prioritising remediation efforts.