The single most effective way to Reduce Your Exposure

In all cases, the greater the distance you are from the source the better.  Electromagnetic fields and their sources decrease rapidly with distance.  They generally follow the inverse squared law where the intensity of EMFs and RF radiation drops off as the square of the distance (assuming a point source that emits in all directions). That is, if you double your distance the intensity drops by 4 times, if you treble your distance the intensity drops by 9 times.  Increasing ones distance reducing ones overall exposure.


General Safety Recommendations of Common Useage

  1. Ensure that your sleeping quarters have the lowest possible exposure.  (This is for many biological reasons particularly melatonin production).
  2. Set your cell phone from communicating when you aren’t using it.
  3. Try not to use your phone when travelling or when the signal is very low, i.e., basement, tunnel etc.  (The amplifier in phone will use more power in response to boost this low signal to be able contact the cell tower but this will also make the phone generate a stronger microwave signal).
  4. Keep your cell phone away from your ear and your pocket.
  5. Disable Wireless Internet, using Ethernet cables instead.
  6. Unplug digital cordless phones and use corded instead.
  7. Be aware of external sources of radiation and hotspots, and keep a setback distance of at least 400 meters from a mobile phone mast.
  8. Choose LCD TV’s over Plasma TV’s, and choose LED LCD TVs over LCD TVs.
  9. Use regular incandescent light bulbs instead of fluorescent energy-efficient light bulbs (CFLs) or halogen lights.  LED lighting is also preferred.
  10. When possible run your computer off of battery and use a wired keyboard & mouse. Keep a distance from computers & monitors. Keep off your lap!
  11. Be aware of energized cables in the floors and walls and voltages from ungrounded appliances.


See also “Things you can do to reduce your RF exposure” by Alasdair and Jean Philips.

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