General Characteristics of EMFs in relation to the Body

Magnetic Fields are more Penetrating
Magnetic fields are much more penetrating than electric fields.  Indeed this is why MRI scans can reveal energy flows deep in the tissues, deep in the brain.  EEGs (electro-encephalographs) measure the electric fields that occur on and near the surface of the body, whereas MEGs (magneto-encephalographs) can pickup signals deep within the tissues, i.e., the brain. Typically, it is also much more difficult to shield against magnetic fields.  It is easier most times to move the source of such ELFs rather than shield. They are also much more pervasive in that they can induce electrical currents deep within the body tissues.

EMFs are accumulative
The effects of EMFs on the body are accumulative. That is to say, the more one is exposed to them the more likely that individual is to become sensitised.

Minimal EMF exposure during nighttime
The best, and perhaps most critical and beneficial, time to ensure minimal exposure is during sleeping hours. This is critical to good health since it is the time when the body processes and repairs many functions and experiences encountered during the daytime. (Also, having a light on at night is bad, not just because of the associated electrical field or magnetic field, but because of the body’s particular sensitivity to the very high frequency of electromagnetic radiation in the visible range. Visible light suppresses the production of melatonin by the pineal gland. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and necessary for promoting a strong immune system).

Time for Effects to Appear
Sometimes the effects of being in an environment with EM radiation can be felt almost immediately, such as feeling a sharp pain on the side of the head when on the cell phone. Other times it can take years, particularly for physical symptoms to appear.  It is estimated that tumours associated with cell phone useage can take over 10 years to appear.  This makes the precautionary approach seem a logical way to proceed.

EMF Symptoms and Effects
Depending on a number of factors, sometimes the body doesn’t show any indications that it is undergoing stress and other times, in another person, they may be highly sensitised.  This difference in response can be due to many contributing factors, such as, prior history and exposure of the individual to EMFs, or whether they have a significant heavy metals count in their body analysis, or because of their immune system strength, mental disposition, nutritional intake, social environment, etc..

Sometimes the body reacts more at certain frequencies and not so much at others. Nature uses windows or frequency bands where the organism is most sensitive and tuned in.  The intensity of the signal can also play a selective role in organism response.