Properties of Powerline Magnetic Fields

  • Also known as ELF-EMF (Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field) and alternating current (AC) magnetic fields
  • Typical Unit of measurement is in milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (μT), where 10 μT = 1 mG.
  • Flowing current, upon turning on appliances, produces the magnetic field.
  • AC Magnetic fields penetrate walls and are very difficult to shield.
  • Typically involves 50/60 Hz power frequency or multiples of this frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Alternating current (AC) magnetic fields, reportedly induce electric fields in the body unlike the natural direct current (DC) Magnetic fields from the earth.
  • Whereas Electric fields may also be present on energized wires even before a device is turned on, magnetic fields require the device is turned on..

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