Cordless phones

  • Digital Cordless Phones such as DECT. DECT phones provide continual 24/7 wireless radiation from the base station.
  • Old-fashioned analog cordless phones are better in that they radiate only during the call.
  • Low-EMF cordless Phones offered by Germany and Switzerland and the UK may be also safer than standard DECT phones since they do not radiate when not in use and some have the ability to reduce transmission power accordingly.

Recommended alternatives. Alternatives to cordless phones is to use wired phones although these are harder to find these days.

  • Use a speaker phone which can also provide some hands-free ability. (However, be aware that some wired phones still have some power line magnetic fields (although small) so keeping a little distance may be helpful).
  • A airtube headset can be used in place of a wired headset if there is headset jack on your device.
  • A skype account (with a phone number) and external microphone is another alternative, provided the internet connectivity is also wired.

DECT phones affect the heart