How safe is your living and working space?

Sometimes electromagnetic radiation can become concentrated over small areas where radiation levels can become unexpectedly high.
The presence of nearby electrical equipment, power lines and other sources of low frequency electromagnetic fields can also permeate living quarters.

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Are you suffering from EM radiation?

The ill effects of radiation can easily be confused with other ailments and health problems. Most times the real effects of radiation are not even considered and therefore easily overlooked. You may be unknowingly exposing yourself to an unhealthy electromagnetic environment and unnecessary body stress.

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Measurement of EMF radiation levels and recommendations to reduce your exposure levels.
* Safe level measurements
* Surveys
* Comprehensive Reports
* Advice exposure reduction/shielding
* Domestic and commercial

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The goal of this website is to increase awareness of the possible health issues surrounding EMFs, provide a means to assess and measure these fields, and to also offer recommendations and advice to minimise and avoid excessive exposure to these artificial fields.